Strategic Planning


Every business’s primary goal is revenue growth. The majority of revenue for most businesses comes not from investments, acquisitions or other assets but from the sales of products and services. Thus, properly marketing a company’s product and service effectively to generate sales is a must for any business to grow.

What Goes Into a Simple Growth Strategic Plan?

A Simple Growth Plan answers fundamental questions about why a business does what it does. It answers questions about what its products and services are, who benefits from their use and how they benefit. It is a guide for companies to stay on track when introducing a new product into a new market. It is also a medium to present a new product into a new market.

Simple Growth Plan is Not a Marketing Plan

Planning is an essential management tool for any business to grow. The most fundamental of plans is the Simple Growth Plan. Business people often think that a Simple Growth Plan is the same as a Marketing Plan. It is not. You might be executing a marketing plan by running ads or displaying products and never engage in a Simple Growth Plan. For well run businesses, a new Simple Growth Plan is necessary every time you introduce a new product, re-launch an existing product, or expanding into a new market.

A Simple Growth Plan includes strategies and action plans to ensure that a particular product or service is well positioned for entry and growth in a market. It focuses on a specific product or market, answering the central questions from buyers of why, what and how. In addition, its is advisable for a business to share the Simple Growth Plan across the entire internal organization as well for maximum effectiveness.

A lot of factors need to be considered and incorporated into the Plan to make it as comprehensive and memorable as possible. These concepts must be presented in a concise manner that can be easily understood by all employees within the company and for a prospect to quickly understand the company’s story.