Reputation Management

How much is a new patient worth to you? How many patients are you losing on a monthly basis because of your reviews? That’s how much it’s costing you every month to do nothing.

5-Star Reviews & Syndication

We follow up with your clients and syndicates your best testimonials and reviews, through social media, and major media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc., so thousands of people who have never heard of you, now hear how great you are. After all, you can have the best testimonials and 5-Star reviews, but if only a few people see them, how much are they worth to you and your company?

New Patient Lead Follow-Up

The Simpliify platform automatically follows up with every inbound lead from Google, Facebook, print, direct Mail, QR Codes, broadcast television or radio, and puts each lead into a personalized follow up sequence designed to stay in front of the lead, to get them to call, schedule an appointment, generate new sales, referrals, and patient loyalty.

Proactive QR Code technology

Proactive QR Code technology that automatically allows a business to capture and follows up with everyone who scans the businesses QR code. Unlike standard QR codes which limit the functionality to a typical task such as opening a website, or a dynamic QR code which has the ability to change its functionality from one URL to another or one function to another, standard and dynamic QR codes are passive in nature and do not allow a business to follow up with their patients or leads on an ongoing basis.

With ProActive QR Codes a business can not only provide a prospect or lead with the information they’re looking for but can also follow up with them and act as a sales assistant. This drastically improves sales conversion rates, foot traffic to retail outlets, and increases reservations at local restaurants.